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DELHI to CHURU Bus Timetable

DELHI to CHURU Bus Time Table

Haryana Roadways Buses from DELHI to CHURU 

Haryana and Rajasthan Roadways operates their buses from Delhi to Churu as per schedule given below-

Distance from Delhi to Churu- 306 KMs. 
Bus fare from Delhi to Churu- Rs.316/- 

Sr. No. 

Departure Time 



Bus Type 

07.00 hrs 

Delhi to Churu 

Gurugram, Rewari, Narnaul, Singhana, Chirawa, Jhunjhunu 

RSRTC Express 

07.00 hrs   

Delhi to Churu   

Gurugram, Rewari, Narnaul, Singhana, Chirawa, Malsisar, Bissau

RSRTC Express 

10.03 hrs  

Delhi to Churu 

Rohtak, Pilani, Jhunjhunu 

Haryana Roadways  

20.30 hrs 

Delhi to Churu  

Gurugram, Rewari, Narnaul, Singhana, Chirawa 

RSRTC Express  

22.00 hrs 

Delhi to Churu 

Rewari, Narnaul, Jhunjhunu 

RSRTC Express 











Passengers are advised to confirm the latest timetable from bus stand enquiry before leaving.
Bus Stand Enquiry No.- 

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Churu to Delhi Bus Time Table

Updated on 21.11.2021

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