RSRTC- Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation Fact File

Rajasthan Roadways Information 

Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation (RSRTC) is a public transport corporation of Rajasthan State Government. Its headquartered is in Jaipur  (Rajasthan). The corporation was established by Government of Rajasthan on 1 October, 1964 under the Road Transport Act 1950.

RSRTC operates Volvo-Mercedes, Volvo-LCD, Volvo-Pantry, Volvo-LCD-Pantry, Air Condition, A.C. Sleeper, Deluxe, Semi-Deluxe, A.C. Gandhi Rath and Express bus service in Rajathan and nearby States like Haryana, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Chandigarh, Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Gujrat and Himachal Pradesh etc.  RSRTC has 52 depots across Rajasthan and 3 depots outside the state i.e. Indore, Ahmedabad and Delhi. 

As of the latest reports there are around 2230 routes covered which amount to 1284000 kms per day. It carries around 7.31 lakh passengers per day to their destinations within and outside the state. 

RSRTC Ticket reservation is available at all bus stands of Rajasthan state free of charge. Online ticket facility is available for Air conditioned, Deluxe, Semi-deluxe and express buses through RSRTC website and RSRTC MOBILE APP.
RSRTC provides Monthly Pass facility also. 

RSRTC Bus Fare list can be downloaded from the website of RSRTC.

RSRTC full Name

Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation 

Operated By  

Government of Rajasthan  

RSRTC Foundation Day 

1 October 1964 

RSRTC Headquarters 



RSRTC Online Booking Website 

Total Buses in RSRTC  

3708 buses 

RSRTC Toll Free Number 



Q 1. I could not register my User Id on RSRTC website, so what can I do?

Ans. On registration screen, few fields are mandatory. Please check the information filled properly before proceeding for registration. Please ensure that, only alphabets A to Z or numbers 0 to 9 are used in upper case or lower case while generating user Id and password. No special characters are allowed.

Q 2. I have successfully registered my User Id and Password on RSRTC website but I could not use the same for login, what can I do?

Ans. After successful registration, you will receive a mail in your registered email account. After opening the mail you have to click on "Click here" link to activate your e-ticketing account.

Q 3. I have successfully registered my User Id and Password but I have not received e- mail from RSRTC system for activation, what can I do?

Ans. Please go to the login screen and select "forget password" button and enter your e-mail Id. After successful submission of e-mail id, system will be sent activation mail to your e-mail id. Please open your e-mail id and activate your account.

Q 4. How many services are available for RSRTC e-ticket booking?

Ans. All important interstate / intrastate bus services like Volvo-Mercedes, Volvo-LCD, Volvo-Pantry, Volvo-LCD-Pantry, Air Condition, A.C. Sleeper, Deluxe, Semi-Deluxe, A.C. Gandhi Rath and Express are available for e-ticket booking.

Q 5. How many days before can I reserve RSRTC e-ticket?

Ans. You can reserve your e-ticket through internet before one month (30 Days) from expected journey date (excluding date of journey). This e-ticket booking facility will be closed before half an hour from scheduled departure time of bus service on proposed journey date.

Q 6. At what time the RSRTC e-ticket booking and cancellation facility is available?

Ans. e-ticket booking and cancellation timings are from 00:30 to 23:30 IST.

Q 7. How can I search Boarding / Destination place name in RSRTC website?

Ans. Please enter at least First Two characters of Boarding / Destination place name in “from stop” / “to stop” field on screen, then all names starting from that two characters will display on screen and now you can select desired place name from this view window by clicking on the bus Boarding / Destination place name.

Q 8. Can I book concessional RSRTC e-ticket?

Ans. Yes, few concessional fare tickets are allowed for e-ticket booking but it will be subject to produce the required documents to conductor/checking staff of the RSRTC in original to verify the eligibility for getting concession. 

The passengers availing the concession facility through RSRTC e-ticket will have to produce any one document in original from the list as mentioned below:
Passenger entitle for concession

Any one Original Document to be produced 

Patients of Non-infectious Leprosy, Thalassemia, Cancer, AIDS, Escort of Thalassemia & Cancer Patients Doctor’s letter/prescription clearly mentioned about the deceases

Awardee Teacher 

Identity Card issued by RSRTC 

Senior Citizen 

Smart Card Issued By RSRTC 

The passengers who are availing concessional facility fails to produce the required documents will be treated as INVALID and the passenger will be treated as "Traveling without Ticket". Photocopy of document is not allowed.

Q 9. what would be the Cancellation Rules & Refund Procedure for RSRTC e-ticket?

Ans. Cancellation Rules & Refund Procedure for e-ticket:
(a)In case of cancellation of e-ticket, the rules for cancellation of e-ticket, can cellation charges, refundable amount etc would be applicable at the time of cancellation. Service originating place, time of departure and destination place will be notified on e-ticket.

(b)Cancellation charges would be calculated only on the base fare of e-ticket, while Human Resource Charges, Accidental Surcharge, Toll Ta x and Octrai (If applied) would be refunded completely.

(c)Following conditions would be applied for refund in case of cancellation of e-tickets:

(i) If ticket is cancelled before 24 hours of scheduled departure time, 95% of base fare only would be refunded. The 5% of base fare amount would be retained with RSRTC as cancellation charges.

(ii) If ticket is cancelled within 24 hours and 1 hour before the scheduled departure time, 80% of base far e only would be refunded. The 20% of base fare amount would be retained with RSRTC as cancellation charges. 

(iii) If ticket is cancelled withi n 1 hour and before 30 minutes of scheduled departure time, 50% of base fare only would be refunded. The 50% of base fare amount would be retained with RSRTC as can cellation charges.

(iv) If ticket is cancelled within 30 minutes of scheduled departure time, there will be No Refund, 100% total fare amount (i nclusive all charges) would be retained with RSRTC as cancellation charges.

(d) In case, if passenger is absent for journey at the time of departure of bus, no re fund will be given to the passenger.

(e) Refund to the passengers will be made through the payment gateway process i.e. in respective Bank Account only. No cash r efund will be given to passenger for e-ticket. 

(f) In case, a bus is curtailed by RSRTC then the respective fare amount would be settled into the passenger accoun t. No payment gateway charges are refunded to the passengers.

(g) For getting the refund, passenger should submit an application with e- ticket to the Chief Manag er of respective RSRTC Depot in person/through e-mail/by post requesting with proper reason for the purpose.

(h) The passengers have to pay additional fare in cas h to bus conductor or at booking window before journey start in case of change in higher service type.

Q 10. Can I get refund of fare in case of non performance of journey?

Ans. No

Q 11. How can I get refund of fare, in case of cancellation of bus service by RSRTC or change in bus service type i.e. Volvo to A/C / Non A/C etc?

Ans. The refund of fare in case of change in bus service, cancellation of bus service, breakdown of bus service, fare difference due to fare cut will be made through respective bank A/c only and no cash refund will be given to passenger. 
For getting refund passengers have to submit e-ticket print out to the Chief Manager of respective RSRTC Depot. 
Chief Manager will initiate the refund procedure with Payment Gateway Company/Bank & the refund will be received by the passenger automatically with in a week in his bank account. If not, mail details with "Transaction Id & PNR No" as displayed on your e-ticket & date of submission of e-ticket to
Due to cancellation of bus services, the passenger will not be compensating by RSRTC in any condition.

Q 12. How refund of fare will be done in case of cancellation of e-ticket?

Ans. Refund of fare will be made through respective bank account only. No cash refund will be given to passengers. For cancellation of e-ticket submit e-ticket information on screen provided on the site.

Q 13. Can I change the date, time of journey, name, gender, age etc after booking RSRTC e-ticket?

Ans. No, once you have booked your e-ticket, you will not be allowed to change the date, time of journey, name, gender, age, etc. In such case you will have to cancel e-ticket first and re-book e-ticket with the desired date, time, name, gender, age etc.

RSRTC Bus Enquiry Numbers

Rajasthan Roadways Bus Enquiry Numbers

Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation Enquiry Numbers

Phone Numbers of Bus Stands in Rajasthan

RSRTC Head office Phone Numbers

Parivahan Marg, Chaumu House, Jaipur (Rajasthan)
Phone Number: 0141-2373043,44,51,54
Mobile Number: 9413385700
Fax: 0141-2374658, 2374654
Toll Free Number: 18002000103

RSRTC BUS Depot/ Bus Stand Enquiry Numbers

RSRTC Contact Number

Depot Name  Enquiry Numbers

Abu Road Bus Stand Enquiry No. - 02974 - 222323

Ajmer Bus Stand Enquiry No. 0145 - 25461264

Ajaymeru/ Ajmer Bus Stand Enquiry No. 0145 -2640468

Alwar Bus Stand Enquiry No. 0144- 2334984

Anoop Garh Bus Stand Enquiry No. 01498- 252173

Banswara  Bus Stand Enquiry No. 02962 - 242825

Baran Bus Stand Enquiry No. 07453 - 230220 

Barmer Bus Stand Enquiry No. 02982 - 220199

Beawar Bus Stand Enquiry No. 01462 - 257560

Bharatpur Bus Stand Enquiry No. 05644 - 260333

Bhilwara Bus Stand Enquiry No. 01482 - 220111

Bikaner Bus Stand Enquiry No. 0151 - 2523800

Bundi Bus Stand Enquiry No. 0747 - 2445422

Chittorgarh Bus Stand Enquiry No. 01472 - 241177

Churu Bus Stand Enquiry No. 01562 - 250904

Dausa Bus Stand Enquiry No. 01427  - 223764

Deluxe Bus Stand Enquiry No. 0141 - 2204445

Dholpur Bus Stand Enquiry No. 05642 - 240859

Dungarpur Bus Stand Enquiry No. 02964 - 232260

Deedwana Bus Stand Enquiry No. 01580 - 220018

Falna Bus Stand Enquiry No. 02938 - 236124

GangaNagar Bus Stand Enquiry No. 0154 - 2472220

Hanumangarh Bus Stand Enquiry No. 01552 - 269075

Hindaun Bus Stand Enquiry No. 07469 - 232171

Jaipur Bus Stand Enquiry No. 0141 2373788

CBS Jaipur Bus Stand Enquiry No. 0141 2207902

CBS Ajmer Bus Stand Enquiry No. 0145 2429302

Jalore Bus Stand Enquiry No. 02973 - 222589

Jaisalmer Bus Stand Enquiry No. 02992- 251541

Jhalawar  Bus Stand Enquiry No. 07432 - 232386

Jhunjhunu Bus Stand Enquiry No. 01592 - 232664

Jodhpur Bus Stand Enquiry No. 0291 - 2544686

Karoli Bus Stand Enquiry No. 9549653335 

Khetri Bus Stand Enquiry No. 01593 - 234450

Kota Bus Stand Enquiry No. 0744 - 2451020

Kotputli Bus Stand Enquiry No. 01421 - 222069

Lohagarh Bus Stand Enquiry No. 05644- 260330

Matsya Nagar Bus Stand Enquiry No. 0144 - 2338285

Nagaur Bus Stand Enquiry No. 01582 - 240863

Pali Bus Stand Enquiry No. 2932 - 284622

Phalodi/ Falodi Bus Stand Enquiry No. 02925 - 223562

Pratapgarh Bus Stand Enquiry No. 01478-220055

Rajsamand Bus Stand Enquiry No. 9772203011

Sardar Shahar Bus Stand Enquiry No. 01564 - 220119

Sawai Madhopur  Bus Stand Enquiry No. 07462 223700

Shahpura Bus Stand Enquiry No. 9549651178

Sikar Bus Stand Enquiry No. 01572 - 270339

Sirohi Bus Stand Enquiry No. 02972 - 222511

Shri Madhopur Bus Stand Enquiry No. 01575 - 252006

Tijara Bus Stand Enquiry No. 01469 262045

Tonk Bus Stand Enquiry No. 01432 247609

Udaipur Bus Stand Enquiry No. 0294 - 2484191

Vaishali Nagar  Bus Stand Enquiry No. 0141 2373789

Vidhyadhar Bus Stand Enquiry No. 0141 2232231

Delhi Bus Stand Enquiry No.- 011- 23864417

Ahmedabad Bus Stand Enquiry No.- 079 25430103

Indoor Bus Stand Enquiry No.- 0731 2380698

Ujjain Bus Stand Enquiry No. 07898399989

Bhopal Bus Stand Enquiry No. 09993877755

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